Finding US stocks on UK brokers

Dude, where’s my stocks?

If you’re from the UK (or maybe somewhere in Europe) and are interested in trading US stocks, you’ve probably noticed the limitations most brokers have for a vast amount of US stocks on exchanges such as the NASDAQ or NYSE.

To make matters worse, most brokers don’t offer an easily accessible public list on their website of tickers/symbols that you can trade using their platform.

Stock Lookup Tool

I too had this problem, and ended up setting up a lot of accounts I ended up not using (or closing), and ultimately wasting a lot of time and some money in fees. To help others figure out which broker is best for them, I created a simple tool for looking up US stock symbols on UK brokers:

Type in any ticker symbol and it’ll be looked up against the available brokers. Only data for US stocks is guaranteed, non-US data is not stored for some of the larger brokers. Freetrade features a ‘Plus’ checkup and will let you know if that particular stock is only available on their plus plan.

Early Version

I initially made this tool (with less styling) for myself and some friends in a Discord server. As it quickly became a popular tool in the server, I’ve added some TailwindCSS and released it publicly. It currently features data from 4 brokers, and I’m working on adding Hargreaves Lansdown and IG.

Hopefully others find this tool useful, if you spot any inaccuracies then feel free to let me know on Twitter - and feel free to reach out if you just happen to have accurate date for another UK/EU based broker!

Which broker should I use?

As I’ve ended up using most UK brokers at this point, I’ll be publishing a blog post comparing them all soon, to help others figure out what’s best for them - follow me for updates.